This transformational series of experiences grew out of one on one sessions over the past two years. I am now offering this work for small groups in two different formats depending on location and need.

Format 1

A two day or weekend immersion for 6-12 participants

Format 2

A series of 8x 2 hour weekly sessions ( Ballarat district only)

A respectful, sacred, space is held for exploring how we embody our lives.

We utilise humour, yoga, spontaneous movement, dance, meditation, improvisation, intentional conversation and energy essences to explore as lightly or as deeply as you choose.

Because of the deeply personal nature of this work you will be required to agree to strict confidentiality in relation to the identity or experience of anyone other than yourself.

1. Family of Origin — Where we explore with massage and conversation, your life’s foundations, family and community, and your connection to them now. And we consider how those foundations support and inform your life.

2.  The Self — In this session we explore creativity and intimacy and how you connect with the layers of your deeper self and we reflect on the bond with your ancestors and the universe.

3.  Your Strengths — Your relationship to the world and how you operate in it — your strengths and challenges. How you view yourself in different settings, whether they be in public or private. How do you interface with the world.

4. Love — How does LOVE work in your life? Love for others, love for self, the place of forgiveness and unconditional love.

5. Is it Real? — How freely or authentically do you communicate and live your beliefs? Can we discover clearer, more honest ways to negotiate the world we live in?

6. Being in Touch — What do your 5 senses tell you about the here and now?How does intuition work in your day to day life?

7. Connection — What are your beliefs and connections with the spiritual universe?  We will work to more fully connect the physical, emotional and spiritual self.

8. Unique You —This free session is our gift to you. A reward for your courage and commitment. It is carefully designed to nourish the true, liberated, unique you.

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